Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Dog and animal attacks represent some of the most devastating personal injuries that anyone can suffer. Statistics show that every year the number of persons injured increases from a bite from an aggressive dog. Unfortunately, the majority of victims who are bitten by dogs are children. These dog bites are traumatic events that almost always cause serious injuries, and often cause death. The Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers represent individuals and families who have suffered personal injury in dog bites or animal attacks caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. Our experienced personal injury lawyers advise clients throughout Florida and are ready to assist you in this time of need.

Who is liable for a dog bite attack?

In the State of Florida a dog owner is liable for these attacks regardless of whether or not the dog had ever been vicious before; and regardless of whether the owner had reason to believe the dog would behave in a vicious manner. We are committed to filing a case with the dog owner as it is their responsibility to practice safety when owning a pet.

Did you know?

Permanent scarring and nerve damage are results of serious animal attacks. In most cases there is a significant risk of infection and almost always, this traumatic event, especially in children, leaves psychological scars that last well beyond the physical injury suffered. As Florida’s wildlife habitat decreases, wild animal attacks are becoming more frequent. As housing development has brought us closer together, their habitats are threatened. Did you know that over the past few years 13 people have died from alligator attacks? Other wild animal attacks on the rise are pythons, iguanas, raccoons, and emus.

Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers Can Help

When a dog bite occurs, it is essential that you promptly attempt to gather evidence and seek a medical provider to treat your injuries. The Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers understand that dog bites are serious matters. The filing of a claim can be a difficult process, and should be handled by an experienced injury attorney. Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers have the resources and staff available to gather evidence and document you case in order to make a determination, and represent you and/or your child's legal rights.

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