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Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers understand that motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries as well psychological trauma after a serious accident. Our experienced teams of attorneys specialize in motorcycle injury cases and can help both the driver and riders in these types of serious accidents.

Our Duty to You

Our duty to you as our client is to protect your legal rights and ensure that we document your legal case properly in order to achieve the legal justice you deserve and the highest possible settlement for you and your family. Motorcycle accident cases often require special attention and a clear understanding of the law. Since insurance requirements are at times different for the driver of a motorcycle as opposed to those of an automobile driver, it is crucial for your case that information about your motorcycle accident is gathered promptly and that witness statements, police reports and any pertinent data are made available so that our legal team can file a claim in your behalf. If for some reason you are unable to collect the documents, our team of investigators and lawyers will work on your behalf to obtain these documents.

Serious Injuries

An accident involving a motorcycle almost always results in a severe injury and sometimes even death. Our attorneys have represented families who’s loved ones have suffered traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, serious burns, fractures and even death. For these reasons, it is important that if you or a loved one were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that you seek medical attention immediately and experienced legal representation as soon as possible. Time is not always on your side and ensuring that you have the right medical attention, and then the right attorneys to represent your legal rights should be your first priorities.

Free Consultation and Case Evaluation

The Florida Injury and Accident Lawyers have experienced motorcycle accident attorneys that are ready to represent you in your injury case. Our lawyers have earned some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the State of Florida for their clients. We have affiliations with many experts in the field of motorcycle accidents and accident reconstruction and if you decide to hire one of our attorneys, you can be certain that we will use every measure allowable by law to obtain justice foryou. Call now for your Free, No Obligation consultation. We are available to you 24/7 and if you are unable to come to one of our offices, we will gladly come to you. Please take a moment to fill out our online case evaluation form or simply call 1-800-755-8998 to speak to an attorney.

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