Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in the State of Florida account for hundreds of serious injuries and many deaths every year. These large tractor trailer accidents often involve other automobiles and pedestrians and can cause extensive property damage as well. It is crucial to your case, that if you were involved in this type of accident that you seek an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the challenges you will face and will fight for your legal rights.

Our team of lawyers has represented families and individuals who have encountered the devastating effects of these trucking accidents. We have been able to obtain very large settlements against these companies and have successfully protected the legal rights of our clients.

How Truck Accidents Occur

In many instances a trucking accident, semi-trailer accident occurs due to driver error and fatigue. Large trucking companies often demand of their drivers unreasonable expectations to deliver their services on time, and due to these expectations, some drivers are forced to drive trucks for unrealistic time frames without sufficient rest. When circumstances similar to this occur, devastating accidents are inevitable and the injuries caused by the trucks and trailers are almost always catastrophic.

What should I do If I'm Injured by A Truck Accident?

You must seek medical attention immediately after suffering injuries from your accident. It is important that those injuries are looked at by a professional who will indicate the proper course of treatment that will address your injuries and bring you back to good health. Try to gather as much information about your accident including police reports and witness information if possible. If you are unable to obtain this information, don't worry our team of investigators and attorneys will ensure that this vital information is collected.

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